"Brilliant mind offers its services completely free; the survival of the body must be provided for by salary."

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I’m Matt. I summarize as many non-fiction books as I can into short overviews with the key-learning points drawn out. Hopefully: 

a) I will learn something (remote, but there’s always a chance)
b) You will learn something (I’m sure you will, and fast because I’ve summarized it!)
c) We’ll all get a good exposure to a wide array of books, which will help us choose what to delve into further.

Feedback Welcome!

If your not smarter after spending four minutes on my site, I’ll gladly eat my hat (or some similar inedible object)!

If you’d like to learn more about me you caN at www.mattmcginty.net. See you there!

If you have any comments, tips or suggestion feel free to write to me at matt@mattmcginty.net. Thanks.

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